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Thank you for visiting us! Here you will be able to view fabric samples for all of the dizzy goodies offered on our homepage. The Dizzy Dragonfly prides themselves in using only the finest designer fabrics and the softest chenille. On this site you will also find monogramming information as well as embroidery design samples. We hope you find something you love!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Monogramming Fonts

We offer a large variety of font styles for your personalized items. Below are our most popular styles.
Lexi Monogram

Circle Script MonogramStacked Monogram shown in Harrington Font

(May also be flipped to last name initial is the largest)

Fishtail Font

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Applique and Embroidery Designs

We've searched high and low for the cutest embroidery designs to bring to you, and these are a several we've found from a few great embroidery designers. These embroidery and applique designs are a great extra touch and in many cases complete an item. Below you will find many cute designs that range from $3.00-$8.00. Thread colors will be altered to color coordinate with the fabric of your choice. Dizzy items that look great with embroidery are: outfits, storage bins, aprons, T-shirts, bibs and burpers.
Christmas & Winter Designs Fall DesignsApplique Alphabets & PatchesMisc. DesignsAnimals & CrittersGirly GirlsFor the Boys

We are always adding more designs, so be sure to check back often. If you are looking for a specific design, please let us know and we will be happy to see what we can come up with!

Fabric Samples

Below are many of our fabric samples. We are always updating, adding & removing fabrics so be sure to check back. It can be a little overwhelming choosing fabrics, so let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help out! If you would like a closer look at a fabric, just let us know and we'll be happy to email the individual photos.

Flannel & Cotton Fabrics
These fabrics are perfect for bibs, paci-clips, sippy cup inserts, toddler pillows, applique fabric, some clothing items, and trim for burp cloths.

Pictured below left to right:

Multi Plaid Flannel, Pastel Flannel, Blue Paisley, Lollidot, Pink-White Dot, Monkeys, Multi Bubble, Icecream Stripe, Bright Bubbles, Transportation, Multi Dot, Crystal Daisy, Groovy Daisy, Green/White Dot, Bright Pink/white pin dot, Navy/white pin dot, Turquoise/Chocolate Toile, Pink/Green Dot, Big Disco Dot, Blue-Celedon Circles, Cupcake, Dino, Multi Stripe, Chocolate Stripe, Primary Harlequin, Primary Dots, Dick and Jane Wide Stripe, Blue Plaid, Circus Dot.

Big Dinos, Citrus Dot, Orange/white Dot, Big Plaid, Trains & Fireman
Kaleidoscope, Pastel Dots, Kaleidoscope Stripe, Pastel Bubbles, Chocolate Stripe, Pastel Stripes, Primary Stripes, Boy Dippy Dot, Rockets Gingham Fabrics
Many of our cotton or seersucker gingham fabrics are perfect for clothing, bibs, paci-clips, sippy cup inserts, party hats, toddler pillows, and applique designs.

Pictured below in left to right:
Red gingham, black gingham, navy gingham, orange gingham chocolate brown gingham, pink gingham, royal blue gingham, micro turquoise gingham, hunter green gingham, azalea mirco gingham, baby blue gingham, red & royal gingham, turquoise & chocolate gingham, sherbert gingham, turquoise gingham, pink gingham seersucker, green gingham seersucker and aqua gingham seersucker, Light Pink/Dark Pink gingham seersucker.

Clothing Fabrics
Clothing fabrics include baby whale corduroys, seersuckers, cotton piques, and patchwork madras. These fabrics also work for some bibs, party hats & are great for applique designs.

Pictured below left to right:
Baby blue cord, khaki cord, red cord, chocolate cord, bright pink cord, pink/blk dot cord, bright pink/blk dot cord, lime/green dot cord, brown multi dot cord, yellow/white stripe seersucker, pink/white stripe seersucker, navy/white stripe seersucker, retro dot pique, pink pique, embroidered daisy pique, ladybug pique, turquoise madras, pink madras, traditional madras, nautical madras.

**Also available but not pictured turquoise pique & white pique**

Oilcloth Fabric
Oilcloth fabric is for splat mats, art aprons, Dizzy Doodlers, Meal-on-the-Go Placemats, Sippy Cups, Beach Bags, and Chalk Cloth Mats.

Pictured below left to right:
Lime dot, pink dot, red/white dot, aqua/white dot, khaki/turquoise dot, turquoise dot, pink/white dot, blk dot, red dot, bright pink gingham, lime gingham, chocolate gingham, black gingham, orange gingham, light pink gingham, royal gingham, red gingham, navy gingham, yellow gingham, lavender purple, boy crayon, girl crayon and strawberry.

Designer Decorator Fabric
These fabrics are either canvas or cotton/canvas combo. They are perfect for aprons, storage bins, sippy cup inserts, bibs, applique designs, party hats, stroller saks, toddler pillows, and paci-clips.
Pictured below left to right:

Red/blk dot, Blk/white dot, Red/white micro dot, Multi Black Dot, Watermelon Dippy Dot, Chocolate/Turquoise Dot, Chocolate/Pink Dot, Pink/Chocolate Dot, Fuschia/White Dot, Confetti Dot, Pink-Snowflake Dot, Daisy Darling, Baby Plaid, Khaki Plaid, Cherub, Pink-Green Stripe, Sage Toile, Multi Flower.
***Please note: Daisy Darling, Baby Plaid, Sage Toile & Multi Flower are cotton fabrics and work great for clothing items too!